1:1 Personal Training in Bath

We’re all entitled to feel good about our body.

Your body is stronger than you think. Often the one thing that holds us back is our mind, but I’m here to challenge, motivate and cheer you on to go one step further and achieve beyond your potential.

I tailor every personal training session to work towards your fitness goals; whether it’s regaining strength postpartum or losing weight for a milestone event. We’ll benchmark your current performance and measure progress to ensure you can visibly see how well you’re doing.

We’ll use a combination of bodyweight, weights and cardio exercises to give you a challenging and interesting workout that will leave you feeling amazing.

Your body is stronger than you think, it’s time to put it to the test.

Types of personal training

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and Pre/Post-Natal specialist. I offer pre/post natal personal training as well as bridal personal training. As a triathlete and runner, I can support you in aiming for big milestone events too.


Stay fit and strong throughout pregnancy

Prenatal Personal Training

Everyone’s pregnancy is different but there’s one common thread that applies to all: movement is key. Throughout my pregnancy I completed low-impact cardio and pregnancy-friendly weights workouts which 100% helped me during labour.

Together we’ll create a safe and targeted pregnancy-friendly training plan that will give you that much needed energy burst while preparing you for the physicality of labour and motherhood.


Restart and Rebuild

Post-natal personal training

As mothers, we’re constantly lifting or twisting which is why it’s so important to rebuild core function and to target the key muscle groups required to keep up with your little one. Training with a qualified post-natal specialist will help you to safely build back up to your pre-pregnancy state.

We incorporate functional fitness movements into every workout to help you with the demands of parenthood.

We also target ab separation, diastasis recti, with safe post-natal exercises.


Weight loss, toning and definition

Bridal personal


Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life but with so much to plan, when you train with me you can just turn up and switch off, while we’ll focus on key target areas.

What I offer

1:1 Personal Training

Push your limits

Group workouts

Post-natal cardio