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After years of coaching through consultancy work, 2020 really felt like the year I would make my coaching services official – here’s a little bit about how I got into coaching.

Nervous kid to natural leader

I was always the first to put up my hand at being captain at school because I loved bringing the best out in people through sport. Now I’m the first to put up my hand to lead teams because I have the calm head to help navigate people through chaos.

It hasn’t always been like this, I was a quiet, shy and anxious child growing up. My teachers would always say the same thing – “could contribute more”. It’s not that I didn’t want to contribute, I just didn’t have the confidence or self-belief to put my hand up.

As I grew up, I found my voice and built my confidence which opened doors for me as I learnt to communicate with a wide variety of people. I decided to work for myself aged 26 because I wanted to set the terms that worked for me.

Olivia, confidence coach, sitting on steps in Bath

From nervous child to confident leader with a successful business

Self-employed, self-confident

When I started working for myself, I had no other option than to be confident because my business is my livelihood. When freelancing or contracting your clients need someone who could comfortably swim at the deep end so you have no other choice than to to adapt to different working environments and people.

There was one moment in 2019 which showed me I had enough confidence. I was unexpectedly asked to lead a team of over 25 people in government as the UK was preparing to leave the EU. Of course, I said yes – why wouldn’t I?! This opportunity was about leading with empathy, understanding what gets my team up in the morning and taking away the challenges that held them back.

That’s not to say it’s easy to remain confident at all times; there’s no HR teams or long-standing colleagues readily accessible via IM. But there are doubters, people who have questioned or treated me differently because of my position or job. So how did I stay confident?

I had to work harder to build my own network; find and hold on to the people who educated and motivated me. I also constantly reminded myself o my values.

Acting with integrity

Showing up, being consistent and acting with integrity is what gets me through the day. I turn up to every job with my whole self which means I crack jokes, observe the often overlooked things and state the obvious to make other people feel at ease. But I also approach every person and job with calmness, and if I make mistakes I own that.

I often receive feedback that I’m positive and optimistic which rubs off on the people I work with. I have always felt like I’ve had a perspective which helps colleagues, friends and family to see things differently.

I got into coaching because I realise this is where I need to be, coaching found me before I realised I’d found it.

I coach so I can help you understand where you need to be.

But here’s the thing, I don’t tell you the answers – you have to work hard to find the right answers for yourself. We’ll explore this together, weigh up the pros and cons, measure progress and get you where you need to be.

Sound good?

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